Simon Hantaï, Go Figure/Ground

Simon Hontaï. Meun, 1968, Oil on Canvas, 86 x 71 inches

Paul Rodgers/9W Gallery features folded abstract paintings by Simon Hontaï, a Paris-based artist who died in 2008. Originally from Hungary, Hontaï was inspired by the gestural colors seen throughout the canvases of Jackson Pollock. However rather than standing over the canvas to be “in” the painting, as Pollock had done, Hontaï sought to fold the canvas before covering in paint, allowing the unfolding-process of the material to become the painting itself. The Centre Pompidou hosted a 4-month retrospective of his work that closed on September 2nd, yet Hontaï’s work is currently on view at the Paul Rodgers Gallery/9W in Chelsea.

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