The Dance Party that will ruin your life . . . guaranteed!

Cheryl claims to be the dance party that will ruin your life.  The foursome responsible – Destiny, Stina, Nick and Sarah – create elaborate, decadent and tragic costumes using cheap materials, glitter and fake blood.  This frugal aesthetic is in abundance at each monthly incarnation where participants dress according to varying themes which have included Pizza and Sasquatch on Broadway. The true magic of Cheryl is found in the wildly humorous videos which dictate the style for the warped night ahead.

But to dismiss Cheryl as merely a dance party is a disservice to the genius of what went from the back-room of a small bar in Brooklyn to being a sensation in museums and performance spaces across the globe. While I hesitate to create an art historical discourse for Cheryl there is no denying its lineage from George Maciunas’ New Year’s Eve Flux Dinners (with themes like purple food or erotic foods in the 60s) or the costumed dances thrown by Bauhaus students in the 1920s and 30s. Like its fore-bearers, Cheryl is about freedom, whimsy and fun.

Cheryl is now in the middle of its European Tour (including London, Lisbon, Berlin and Barcelona, check their website for details). Fortunately, the party returns state side in March. In the mean time you can watch their videos and stock up on glitter and cat masks.

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