The Inner Workings of the Artist

“Seeing sketchbooks gives me the opportunity to learn something about a person’s art that I wouldn’t by viewing it on a white wall, reading a press release, or having a conversation at a typical studio visit. It can be a very intimate and somewhat invasive journey. You get to see where ideas were born that led to definitive series of works and abandoned ideas that lead to giggling all in the same place.”

Curated by Julian Calero at Sardine Gallery and Goods.

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About Lynn Maliszewski, Contributor-at-Large

Lynn Maliszewski is a freelance writer based in Brooklyn, New York. She curated and composed work for ArtWrit, BOMB Magazine, HAHA Magazine, Hyperallergic, LatinLover, Modern Painters, No.3, Whitehot Magazine, and Whitewall. She is currently the Contributor-at-Large for ON-VERGE, an arts journalism blog sponsored by CUE Art Foundation, until 2013. She hosts her own blog, Contemporaneous Extension, as a compendium of aesthetic interests, archived exhibitions and artists, and uncensored inferences. She has contributed editorially to the College Art Association, the Bushwick Film Festival, Like the Spice Gallery, and the Museum of Modern Art.
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