We are excited to finally announce the release of the 4th installment of SGU (SpecialGraffitiUnit), art paper we publish a few times a year. Vandalism, trespassing and conspiracy charges, wilding in Roppongi with Yakuzas while getting thrown out of every club in Shabuya, #TokyoNews is your new guide to getting locked up abroad.

TokyoNews featuring Tanya Arakawa, Cat Marnell, Kamaryn Potter, Gogy Esparza, Osvaldo Chance Jimenez, Curtis Kulig, Greg Passuntino, Pablo Power, Shadi Perez, Arlo Rosner, Beni Zooted and yours truly.

You won’t find this on your iPhone, android or on an iPad for that matter. Printed in black and white on 50lb newsprint in Edition of 2000, the paper is distributed for FREE across the city in our custom SGU newspaper boxes, as well as at finer establishments across Gotham: Whitmans, Reed Space, Robertas, Malik Williams, White Box Gallery, Bowery Poetry Club and Ace Hotel.


What happens when PeterPanPosse goes to Tokyo. Only one could imagine; well, one may actually learn what went down in SGU’s 4th issue. Are you ready to read about: numerous days NEWS spent in a Japanese jail, graffiti artists doing their day jobs 24/7, activities getting a crew tossed out of every bar/club/karaoke spot (I presume.) in Japan, and (of course) some shots serious artwork. It isn’t all games, but it appears to always be fun.

Don’t “read at your own risk”: It is your civic duty.

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Megan M. Garwood is a New York City-based editor, art critic, commentator and aesthetician, as well as the Associate Director at Leslie Feely Gallery on 68th and Madison. Her guilty pleasures include metaethics, morality, conceptual art, and Coney Island side shows. Feel free to contact her via email at
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