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Rachel Perry Welty. Lost in my Life (boxes), 2009. Pigment Print. Credits: Courtesy of the Yancey Richardson Gallery and Rachel Perry Welty.

Rachel Perry Welty obsessively connects art with life in her solo show titled 24/7 that is currently on view at the Zimmerli Art Museum of Rutgers University.  Welty first rose to critical acclaim at the Pulse Art Fair in 2009 with Rachel Is – a digital performance that took place on Facebook and at the artist’s home in Massachusetts.  Rachel Is was also exhibited at the booth of the Yancey Richardson Gallery in real time.  Welty’s work sold out at the Pulse Art Fair and within 24 hours, she had moved on to Twitter with the aim of creating an Amish diary.

In the December 2011 issue of Vogue US, Welty posed in an array of fashionable attire that matched seamlessly with the studio background.  Her face is invisible, obscured from view.  The depth immediately flattens, allowing the patterns and objects to fully take over.

Welty’s images do not start out as visual spectacles.  But the overall mystique, combined with layers of obsessive process, gradually morph into that sensational experience.  24/7 is a multi-media installation that camouflages the artist into the objects that we consume every day. Welty’s Twitter feed is also interactive even though the artist is not present.

24/7 is on view until July 8, 2012.

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