“Well Hung” Artists: Feature on Jordan Seiler

Jordan Seiler runs Public Ad Campaign, an organization that promotes the public’s interaction with public spaces. Public Ad Campaign aims at filling outdoor advertisement spaces with art to lessen the impact that privately owned companies or corporations have on people and their environment—making public property public again. Armed with acts of civil disobedience in accords with Henry David Thoreau’s theory, the organization intends to increase citizens’ interactions and generate a stronger “general will.” When Seiler isn’t advocating people’s rights, he spends time creating art. Odessa Giving Up the Gun depicts a faceless woman encompassed by waves of dark hair, rendered with bold, thick black lines and contours. Pages of used books color her skin while acting as the background of the work too. Interestingly, Seiler’s minimalistic formal style, concentration of graphic shapes, and reliance on flatten pictorial space mimic the advertisements to which he objects.

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About Megan M. Garwood

Megan M. Garwood is a New York City-based editor, art critic, commentator and aesthetician, as well as the Associate Director at Leslie Feely Gallery on 68th and Madison. Her guilty pleasures include metaethics, morality, conceptual art, and Coney Island side shows. Feel free to contact her via email at megan@whitehotmagazine.com.
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