“Well Hung” Artists: Feature on Pablo Power

Pablo Power was born in a log cabin in rural Maryland but spent his formative years in the seamy, creative crucible of Miami of the 1980’s and 90’s. While bombing every city space, Power had assembled an impressive textual design portfolio without even realizing it. After years of documenting works on the streets, he widened his frame and captured more than the paintings on the façades. Now, Power immortalizes the whole building, the adjacent street, train tracks, and the bizarre characters that populate them. Once he incorporates these photographs with studio work, he experiments with texture and medium by applying pure pigment and found notes from the gutter to wood panels. Power embraces the culture that his works portray. He admits that his archive has been built by his enjoyable rambles in a side of the city, most don’t see.They Live On Within Us (full title above) displays years of artistic investigation that have coalesced effectively.

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About Megan M. Garwood

Megan M. Garwood is a New York City-based editor, art critic, commentator and aesthetician, as well as the Associate Director at Leslie Feely Gallery on 68th and Madison. Her guilty pleasures include metaethics, morality, conceptual art, and Coney Island side shows. Feel free to contact her via email at megan@whitehotmagazine.com.
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