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Unassuming Publication

image courtesy of gallery's website


image courtesy of gallery's website

Canceled: Alternative Manifestations and Productive Failures, organized by Lauren van Haaften-Schick

April 18-June 30, 2012

Center for Book Arts

28 West 27th Street

New York, New York

The Center for Book Arts considers how books have documented “the process and politics of cancelation.” These artifacts provide an opportunity to view floundered projects in retrospect, oftentimes providing constructive criticism or producing an innovative chirp of … Continue reading »

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We are excited to finally announce the release of the 4th installment of SGU (SpecialGraffitiUnit), art paper we publish a few times a year. Vandalism, trespassing and conspiracy charges, wilding in Roppongi with Yakuzas while getting thrown out of every club in Shabuya, #TokyoNews is your new guide to getting locked up abroad.

TokyoNews featuring Tanya Arakawa, Cat Marnell, Kamaryn Potter, Gogy Esparza, Osvaldo Chance Jimenez, Curtis Kulig, Greg Passuntino, … Continue reading »

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“Well Hung” Artists: Feature on Jordan Seiler

Odesa Giving Up Gun

Jordan Seiler runs Public Ad Campaign, an organization that promotes the public’s interaction with public spaces. Public Ad Campaign aims at filling outdoor advertisement spaces with art to lessen the impact that privately owned companies or corporations have on people and their environment—making public property public again. Armed with acts of civil disobedience in accords with Henry David Thoreau’s theory, the organization intends to increase citizens’ interactions and generate a … Continue reading »

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