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Monumental Needles: Nuria Román at CATM chelsea


On February 16, CATM chelsea opened Desde la Tierra al Cielo, “From Earth To Heaven,” a critical solo exhibition for Spanish-born multimedia artist Nuria Román who has continued to confront the innate reciprocality between human and nature. CATM’s Desde la Tierra al Cielo is comprised of various mixed-media works combining paint, ceramic, stone, metal, woodprint, site-specific installation and photography.

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Nava Lubelski: Roomful at LMAKProjects

Image courtesy of LMAKprojects

by Kris Scheifele

October 28 – December 11, 2011

Image courtesy of LMAKprojects.

Nava Lubelski’s last show at LMAKProjects was a blood bath, or so it seemed. Along one wall, a row of white canvases appeared to have fallen victim to a drive-by. However, the red splatter turned out to be Lubelski’s signature embroidery. Combining the mid-20th century maneuvers of Jackson Pollock, Morris Louis, and Alberto Burri with what was … Continue reading »

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“Well Hung” Artists: Feature on Samantha West


Samantha West captures intimacy with her camera. The context of her photograph alludes to West’s intention and influences the viewer’s interpretation of the piece. In Underwater Part 1, West presents a face of a woman submerged underwater framed with, as well as hidden behind, frail and suspended strands of blonde hairs. The dichotomy of the two uses of hair intensifies an inherent tension found in the photograph. The subject acclimates … Continue reading »

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“Well Hung” Artists: Feature on Jordan Seiler

Odesa Giving Up Gun

Jordan Seiler runs Public Ad Campaign, an organization that promotes the public’s interaction with public spaces. Public Ad Campaign aims at filling outdoor advertisement spaces with art to lessen the impact that privately owned companies or corporations have on people and their environment—making public property public again. Armed with acts of civil disobedience in accords with Henry David Thoreau’s theory, the organization intends to increase citizens’ interactions and generate a … Continue reading »

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“Well Hung” Artists: Feature on Andrew Poneros


Andrew Poneros grew up in Queens; therefore he was introduced to the city’s graffiti at an early age. He renamed himself PORK, his tag, as a verbal poke at the subculture’s tendency to canonize misspelled words as tag names. To amend his street style, Poneros began to carve stencils out of cardboard removing his artistic stroke from graffiti. Stencils concentrate on textual design, not simply a name. Moreover, he utilized … Continue reading »

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“Well Hung” Artists: Feature on Alfredo Martinez

Alfredo Martinez1

**titled Spazz 18

Yes, Mint&Serf of Well Hung got THE Alfredo Martinez who assisted Donald Baechler, was imprisoned after he had forged Basquiat drawings, mimicked Ghandi’s cool and collective approach to social reform, and went on a hunger strike to protest New York State Prison Laws prohibiting art in jail. Martinez has always had a penchant for big bangs, not just in the press. In 2006 Mint&Serf featured Martinez in … Continue reading »

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